• Data Helpers

    "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” —Mr. Rogers

    Following the example set by Stephanie Hurlburt, I asked data people on Twitter who are able to answer questions and mentor newcomers to raise their hands. And Wow, did Twitter deliver!


    Don't be shy, don't be afraid to reach out to these analysts, scientists, and engineers to ask for help any time. Remember to introduce yourself and explain what you'd like guidance on. They can help with tutoring, pointing you to resources, resume/interview tips, general career advice, or even just a casual conversation about what it's like to work in the industry.


    If you're just getting started, here's a great post from Mikhail Popov with advice on how to break past the vicious cycle of "needing experience to get experience."


    Without further ado, here are some awesome data professionals who are able to answer questions, promote, or mentor newcomers into the field (in chronological order of response):

  • Peadar Coyle

    I'd be glad to help.


    Gordon Shotwell

    I'm happy to help with R, releasing your first R package or how to learn data science from a non-traditional background. DMs are open.


    Andrew K Musselman

    Listen to a couple @Adversarial_L episodes, then if you still think I may be of help feel free to DM


    Jesse Maegan

    Always happy to help! Especially those looking to transition to a data career, with a ❤️ and interest in joining the non-profit sector.


    Jonathan Leslie

    I'm a freelance data scientist and mentor. Happy to chat about ds, transitioning to ds, or freelancing, esp in the uk.



    Email me with questions and I'll do my best!


    Matthew C. Higgs

    DM me with any DS questions, links to DS projects, or names of DS idols. Lots of connections @DataLabScotland



    Sign us up.


    Steph de Silva

    Hit me up if I can help!


    Mikhail Popov

    I'd hardly call myself a professional, but I've been doing data science for a few years now and would be happy to answer relevant questions!


    Árni Már

    Happy to help!


    Alex Yakubovich

    I would love to help with this! My DMs are open.


    Saurabh Bhatnagar

    Can help with practical ML and how to make the case and build data products


    Christopher Peters

    I'd like to help!

    I can be a resource for aspiring data scientists/statisticians/programmers. My philosophy is sharing what I've learned along the way.


    Feedrico Vaggi

    I'm happy to help as well. About to leave for a conference, but I'm happy to talk about academia to industry transition, ML, Python, etc


    Sunanda Koduvayur

    I've been doing it outside of Twitterverse. Happy to mentor newcomers. DM me or ask me questions here.


    Laura Calloway

    I teach/promote data literacy at a public library. Happy to answer questions and possibly mentor.


    Bryon Aragam

    Happy to help with and discuss data problems.


    Martin Monkman

    Happy to share what I know about R, data & methods, public sector/govt data science, random trivia.



    happy to help with ML, feature engineering, time series in R.



    Always happy to help and mentor others. Mainly work on DL for computer vision and NLP.


    Hernando Cortina

    happy to help!


    Robert Chang

    I would love to help as well!


    Anand Lakshmanan

    Happy to help !


    Cynthia D'Angelo

    I’d be happy to help, especially for folks in education and those starting out with Shiny apps.


    Andrew 🇪🇺

    10 years freelance analyst with 8 years R experience. Currently contracted as a R/Shiny dashboard programmer by one of the big Pharmas.



    I love shining spotlights, helping new people in the community find their tribe, open source data science + repeatable/transparent workflows


    d treadaway

    happy to help



    I am able to help. Just let me know how...


    Dick Batka

    Not a "data professional" per se but happy to promote the field and lend an ultra-logical, meticulous viewpoint on workflow, research design


    Rafael Lav

    I am happy to help as well. I am a data scientist with Deloitte and one of the analytics practice leaders (R person).



    Hi, I'm a newcomer in #ML #rstats but happy to help with #powerbi #dax #ssas.


    Johan van den Brink

    I want to be on that list too!


    Emily Riederer

    Very early career myself but love helping people figure out how best to learn more about stats and R given their bkgrnd/interests. I'm also happy to help on SQL/databases.


    Steph Locke

    Happy to help folks and have an open booking system for half hour chats to help tackle data problems with folks http://calendly.com/lockedata/officehours



    I would like to help! I have open DMs for English & Spanish questions!👩‍💻


    David Meza

    I am willing to help on knowledge informatics, R, org implementation of DS & getting your mgr to listen to you.



    Wants to help with python DS stack, and applying data science in business (especially startup environment)


    Q McCallum

    I've done this sort of thing before. More than happy to keep going. Best for: general data career thoughts, various technical matters.


    Ian Blumenfeld

    Would love to help. Questions are best, re skills and commercial applications of ML/DS.



    postdoc teaching DS @ UBC. Learning Data Science can be 😬🤬. You can do it! 😃 to co-explore any 🤔 involving numbers, codes & words...


    boB Rudis

    sign me up! #pls


    Jeff Hollister

    I too am here to help. Gladly take #rstats and #GIS questions. Also happy to talk about my experience doing data sciencey work in fed gov.


    Hao Ye

    Ecology postdoc using #Rstats to study dynamics in time series. Interested in: stats, open & reproducible workflows, R package dev.



    Here to help - SAS, SQL, Data Privacy, Presentations, basic GIS, survival analysis, healthcare data, data visualization, EpiInfo 🤓


    Jennifer Thompson

    Biostatistician happy to talk about #rstats, clinical research/public health, reproducibility!


    Ted Laderas

    Bioinformatics Developer and Assistant Professor at OHSU. Collaborative Informaticist and R/Data Science evangelist. Plays well with others.


    Matt Gawarecki

    Happy to help with all things SQL and Python!


    zachary chetchavat

    SQL, Python, R! I love to talk about the dark world of automating excel w/o vba, DS podcasts, and getting started with DS



    Quant working at a financial institution. Use Python, SQL, R. MS in Business Analytics. Still learning but happy to help as much as I can


    Carson Forter

    I'm happy to help! Data Scientist @ Twitch. Lots of R, experiments, and stats.



    Pleasure! Statistical analysis, Machine learning, Python and operations research.


    Mara Averick

    Ok I officially would like to help (even if I might be sub-mentor-worthy)— if I don't know answers, I'm pretty good at digging up resources!



    I have over 15 years in business applications, and 1 year of R and Python for data analysis. Not quite up there but willing to help if I can


    Thomas Lin Pedersen

    Everyone is welcome to reach out and I'll help however I can. Mainly expertise with visualisation and anything R


    Bhaskar Karambelkar

    Have questions about #Hadoop/#ElasticSearch/#MongoDB/#PostgreSQL/#mySQL/#Oracle or any data storage tech.? Ping me any time!


    Jonathan Nolis

    I can mentor in R, F#, SQL, but most importantly how to present your results effectively in a business setting


    Leni Krsová

    I can help with social media data and marketing data analysis if anyone needs to present their data to clients etc.


    Bryan Britten

    Data Scientist working in local government, using R, Python, and JS/HTML/CSS stack, and I'm more than happy to help in any way I can.


    Tim Paris

    I'm available! Talk to me about R or the transition from academia to data science


    Dominic Delmolino

    Always happy to share, answer questions and mentor. SQL expert, Python & R newcomer and all around data wrangler!


    Nick Hamlin

    I'd be glad to help, esp. w/ any ?s about DS in the #nonprofit or social good space.


    Data Science Renee

    I'm happy to help with the "non-technical" becoming a data scientist Qs!


    jonas kas 🕷

    happy to help (starting from data collection e.g from web,and most of ML, analysis & presentation), caution: i am still learning.



    Happy to help with remote sensing, image processing, GIS, time series analysis, IOT/Smart Cities, and general data science issues.


    Adam Greco

    I am happy to help anyone who uses Adobe Analytics. Here is my LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamgreco/



    I would like to help too! I can provide help in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.


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